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3 Txulo



3txulo is a children´s program full of fantasy. Everything happens in a very special house where three main protagonists coexist; 2ttor, who comes from the past, 4th coming from the future and Xbel, who is a curren character.

In each chapter they live a new adventure where fantasy and imagination have no limits. 2tor is an inventor and they have a magical door from which they can travel to any time and place in  the world. All this sprinkled with music and funny stories because our characters also sing and dance. 3txulo reaches homes and schools, where we usually go to record their performances to offer them later in our program.

3txulo, a program that exudes fantasy and fun.



Genre Kids Show
Duration  7 min
Regular recurrence Diary
Episodes 210
TV channel ETB3

Contraseña: Pausoka