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  • Euskolegas Sitcom
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Sitcom in which three friends from different Basque Provinces (Gipuzkoa, Bizkaia and Araba) live together in a flat in the centre of Bilbao. Patxi is the eternal single who wants to live without working, without flirting with a girl even once in life, and watch all the games of his favourite soccer team: Athletic from Bilbao.

Always dressed in black T-shirts with slogans related to the city of Vitoria, Pruden has an inexplicable success with the opposite sex and an unusual love for potatoes. Alex is a dreamer who tries to find the woman of his life. The three of them live all kinds of situations characteristic of a thirty years old Basque.

Genre Sitcom
Time zone Prime time
Regular Recurrence Weekly
Duration 45 min
Seasons 2
TV Channel ETB2