I love my ex


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Did you ever think what your life would be like if you had never broken up with your couple? The years have passed by and you regret breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, from whom you have never heard of again?

Each episode talks about different love stories that ended in the past. everything starts with the story of a boy or a girl who some time ago ended breaking up with their couple, because that is how they wanted it in that moment. it is crucial that the one taking part in the show is the one that took the decision to break up in the past. these people have realized after a while that they never actually stopped loving that person, and that breaking up was a mistake, and it is time to tell the truth to the other side of what it used to be a couple. thanks to a researcher, the program team will find the other side of the couple, and give that person the chance to meet again their ex-lover. what happens next?

Genre Factual Entertainment
Regular Recurrence Weekly
Duration 60 min