Let’s go to the theatre!


It is summer again, and the summer camp of Basakabi has reopened. Last year students will cross with new incorporations under the strict direction of Basakabi.
Naia, is one of the new students who has come this year to Basakabi. Her dream is to be able to enter the prestigious Royar School of music, but his parents will not let her take the entrance exam. Julen is another of the new ones that has come this year to Basakabi. From the first moment his jokes will make him famous among the youth of Basakabi. Gari and Eli, are already veterans and although they are tough on the outside, they are in love. And Markel, … Markel is still being Markel.
Like last year, we presented a musical theater full of humor. It is a show in which we have summarized and adapted all the plots that can be seen in the television format.