What we do?


  • FORMATS: We develop our own ideas to sell them to different foreign markets. Some formats that we made are been selled to countries like USA, China, France, Canada and Peru. see works
  • ENTERTAINMENT: Creativity is the basis of our daily life. So we are in a constant search for new opportunities to entertain through innovative formats. see works
  • SERIES: The experience we have reached creating, among others, the longest series of the Basque Country (Goenkale), allows us to continue creating new stories to entertain audiences through television. See Works
  • TV MOVIES: More than 15 years behind us making films for television by the hand of the most recognizable faces in the country. Social Issues, drama, musicals, mystery, etc. are just some of the genres with which we have worked. See Works
  • ANIMATION: Younger guests can also enjoy our work. More than a generation of children have grown up and have fun with some of our series and movies: Maroons, Alex & Alexis, Cloud Trotters, etc. See Works


  • FICTION: Renowned international festivals have screened our first work into the world of cinema. The film had a great reception from audiences and critics. see works
  • DOCUMENTARIES: Pausoka constantly looks forward, but without forgetting the importance of the past. That is why, in recent times, we performed a series of historical docudramas where important events from years ago are relived. see works


  • VIDEOS: Our wide knowledge of the multimedia universe has allowed us to work hand by hand with the best companies, creating corporative videos that reflect the professionality of themselves. see works
  • SPOTS: We help advertisers to promote their brands to make them strong and durable. We seek to retain existing customers and attract potential customers, conveying their good work and building trust. see works
  • EVENTS: We organize award ceremonies, concerts, openings, theather shows and galas, helping different companies connect directly with their audience and staff. see works