My Father’s House


20 years after the spanish civil war, the general Franco governs the country. In a little town of euskadi, the family Celaya tries to keep their hotel opened while they try not to have problems. For them, that they were part of the defeated band, the life is not easy. Compare to them, the mayor Luis Egaña lives a comfortable life.

Partner of the big company of the town and most ruler of the location, nothing gets away from his control, or yes. Because an unexpected fact changes the life of the two families: the young Irene Egaña and Martin Celaya have get in loved and they are ready to go ahead with their relationship without mattering what others say. to complicate even more the situation, some workers of
the factory of Luis, between them two brothers Celaya, organize a little group of young people to do things against the authority.

What all of them ignore, and they will go knowing it more and more, is that the relationship between luisa egaña, father of irene, and Javier Celaya, grandfather of Martin,is much deeper and complicated than what they expected. and even if both of them think their feelings are over the reality, they will realize it is not easy to ignore the past.

Genre Drama
Regular Recurrence Weekly
Duration 60 min
Episodes 15
TV Channel ETB1/ETB2

Password: Pausoka