60 MIN.

20 years after the Spanish Civil War, general Franco rules the country

In a small town of Euskadi, the Celaya family is trying to run their hotel while trying not to cause any problems. Being from the losing side, the Celaya family has a very difficult life, compared to that of Mayor Luis Egaña, who lives comfortably.

As one of the associates to the big company of the town and major ruler of the area, nothing getsaway from his control. However, this is about to change as an unexpected event is bound to change the life of the two families: the young Irene Egaña and Martin Celaya have fallen in love and they are redy to fight for their relationship without listening to what other people have to say. The situation gets even more complicated when some workers from Luis´ factory, two of whom are Celaya brothers, organize a little group of young people to go against the authority.

What all of them ignore, is that the relatioship between Luis Egaña, father of Irene, and Javier Celaya, grandfather.