45 MIN.

Comedy of black humour that tells the story of the only town in the country with 0 cases of COVID. The mayor decides to close the village.

Aldabe is the only village in the country that has so far been spared from Covid. More than a year after the pandemic, none of the 100 inhabitants of the village has been infected. But the mayoress sees her job in jeopardy.

One of the councillors in her group is determined to support the opposition, led by the mayor’s own daughter, which would mean that the baton of power would change hands after more than 15 years. Faced with this situation, the mayor reaches an agreement with her wayward councillor: he will not change parties as long as the town remains free of Coronavirus.

As a result of this agreement, the mayor decides to close the town tightly, not allowing anyone to enter or leave it, not even for work purposes. This causes the economy to suffer and all kinds of difficulties begin to arise, especially when the mother of the mayor’s right-hand woman dies with symptoms similar to those of Covid, and the mayor and her assistant decide to hide this fact from everyone.